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Welcome to our nursery school website. Our Virtual Tour is now available in the 'About Us' section. OFSTED OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS (June 2022). Read the full report in the Key Information section.

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It has certainly been a year to remember. From the start of this pandemic a scary world appeared for both us and our children. Lots of uncertainty and not knowing what was happening to us. Bacup Nursery School has stood tall and gone above and beyond any of our expectations. Meaning I can still work and provide for my boys but a big weight has been lifted knowing that my son is being looked after. Mrs Cooper is truly an angel from above, not only has she gone above and beyond, she has done her very best for every single parents and child at nursery.  She has also gone out of her way to protect all her staff whilst adhering to the strictest policy and procedures and guidelines. She has kept everybody safe and well whilst still ensuring a happy positive place for the children. She gets even better, still managing to book a very busy Father Christmas for the children, social distancing measures still adhered to! She never fails to amaze me! I genuinely feel since my son, Alfie started Bacup Nursery School, I have gained a whole new family. The whole team of lovely ladies show nothing but love, support and dedication for my son and all the other children. I feel us parents and children are truly blessed and very lucky to have these wonderful ladies and this nursery. The love and affection just pours out of the front doors. As a parent, I feel the love that comes from the nursery is as soon as the door is opened. The headteacher Mrs Cooper, has shown such strength, determination and commitment throughout these unprecedented times, not only adhering to all the procedures and Government guidelines but by still maintaining and providing an exceptional service to all parents and children. My son, Alfie runs to nursery everyday, his little legs cannot wait and cannot wait to see his friends and teachers, eager to start playing and learning. My son has learnt so much whilst at nursery. He amazes me everyday. Myself and the other parents would 100% agree Bacup Nursery School deserves the biggest, shiniest trophy for being the best nursery for miles and miles. More importantly each child no matter what their ability, strengths or weaknesses are loved, cared for, nurtured and taught how to grow. For that, the world is a kinder place to grow up in. In Alfies' own words he said "Mummy, do you know who my heroes are?" "I love Mrs Goggins, Mrs Pollitt and Mrs Cooper (She's the big boss) and I love all my friends". Nothing more needed!

Jayne Jordan (Parent) (2021)


My 3 year old child attends Bacup Nursery School and their response to dealing with the pandemic has been outstanding. The headteacher and staff have the children's best interests at heart and they have worked extremely hard to ensure the children are kept safe and the nursery has stayed open. I know that my child is still having all of the magical experiences that my other children had there, an example of this being when Father Christmas came to visit, and the staff ensured each child had their own visit with him, this was planned extremely well and was very safe. Bacup Nursery School is an outstanding setting for children and the level of dedication and care for the children has not been affected by the pandemic. I highly commend the Headteacher and staff for doing such a wonderful job during these difficult times.

Mrs Ridy (Parent) 2021


Bacup Nursery School has provided my son with the best start to his learning within an outstanding educational setting. The learning that is provided is beyond anything that any of my other children had at such a young age. He absolutely loves coming to Bacup Nursery School and is always excited for the school day. My son hasn't been able to attend nursery during Lockdown due to my other commitments at home, but the support and exceptional learning packs that have been provided for him are nothing less than exceptional and I am so pleased that his learning has been able to carry on even in these uncertain times. I cannot thank the staff enough for all their hard work and the commitment they show to the children and parents on a daily basis, always going above and beyond whilst doing an outstanding and amazing job with the children, and each and everyone of you should be so proud of the amazing jobs that you do.

Tracey Fox (Parent) 2021


I've been so impressed with how all the staff have worked to make nursery as safe and normal for the children (and parents) in these strange Covid times. The run up to Christmas captured all your hard work perfectly. Somehow, you all managed to maintain this new normal from the filming of Nativities (I loved it!) to the work and creativity that went into making Father Christmas's visit a reality (in his 'special grotage' as my son reliably informed me!). My son didn't see the visors and masks. He was just blown away by Father Christmas taking time out to come and see him! I love the photo I have sent-it captures so much-the attention to Covid safety, the childhood wonder of Christmas, and that special look of encouragement and of sharing in his amazement, that only someone who is passionate about their job can give the umpteenth child that day to see Father Christmas. Thank you to you all.

Vanessa Macnae (Parent) 2021


Firstly, I'd like to thank all the staff at Bacup Nursery School for all their hard work and care towards not only the children but the parents as well. I find this nursery an excellent place, always going above and beyond in everything they do. The teaching here is brilliant and my child has made big improvements from all the time of being here. They always keep parents up to date with every action and event. Secondly, I'm glad all their hard work has paid off to do all they can to keep nursery open. The safety measures in place are incredible which helps my child not miss out on all his learning that he needs especially with going to primary school this year. The actions taken to make sure everyone is safe during the pandemic is outstanding , and followed correctly. Thanks so much.

Rhian Gough (Parent) 2021


Both of our children have attended Bacup Nursery School and it has been a wonderful start into Education for them both. The staff are very friendly, caring and do what they do best. Thanks so much to you all for all your time and the support, it has been very much appreciated.

Anna-Marie Wressell (Parent) July 2022


We cannot fault any aspect of Bacup Nursery School. Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time here. There is so much effort put into all the special events they hold which have added to how much our child has loved Nursery School. The curriculum and structured learning has undoubtedly developed our daughter's development and set her up for her transition, we honestly couldn't thank you all more.

Katy and Daniel Wright (Parents) July 2022


As a parent to a SEN child who has attended Bacup Nursery for the past year, I cannot fault this nursery.  The staff here have gone above and beyond to ensure that my daughter receives the extra support she needs. 

All of the amazing staff there have so much heart and such caring mindsets.  It’s wonderful seeing my daughter get excited about going to nursery every day and my daughter is lucky enough to be staying on at nursery here for an extra school year. 

The teachers really go that extra mile to engage with all the children and develop them in a very individualised way. 

The leadership is really committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment and I’ll be forever thankful to the whole team at Bacup Nursery School.’

Nikki Johnstone (Parent) July 2022