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Welcome to our nursery school website. Our Virtual Tour is now available in the 'About Us' section. OFSTED OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS (June 2022). Read the full report in the Key Information section.


Dear Parents and Guardians

Please find below on this website page a slide show showing the importance of 'Good Attendance' and how much children miss if they miss nursery school.

At Bacup Nursery School, we promote good attendance of all our children as there is a clear link between good attendance and how well a child does in their learning and friendship groups.

Children's attendance is checked regularly by Mrs Cooper, the headteacher. If a child's attendance falls below 90%, Mrs Cooper will speak to the parent/ guardian to ascertain if there is a problem or a need for support. Attendance is recorded, tracked and monitored and we are pleased to report that the majority of our children attend regularly and this is shown in their progress and achievement. Children who do not attend regularly find it difficult to sustain friendships with their peers and have big gaps in their learning.

To briefly outline, children who have good attendance:

* Make happy, sustained friendships with the other children

*Make better progress, accelerated progress and achieve well

*Are very well prepared for Primary School

The offer of the nursery sessions are in the best interests of the children i.e. children get continuity in their learning and therefore make better progress. 

A huge well done to all those children who attend regularly. Children receive special stickers for good attendance and at the end of each term we put the names of these children on the newsletter because we are extremely proud of them. Parents can find their child's percentage attendance at the end of each term in their Learning Journal.



Attendance Powerpoint-Look what I miss!